Gamifying 3D Scanning

Lessons from the rehearsal demo

03 Jun 2016

So, we did our rehearsal demo. Here’s what we learned:

  • The Holotoolkit anchoring library is really unreliable.
  • Clearing the spaces seems to really inflate our setup time, since we have to exit the app and re-anchor.
  • People don’t really care about the replays of their gameplay.
  • People have a really hard time air-tapping and getting the Hololens positioned on their head well enough to see things.
  • The length of the game varies drastically with the experience of the users. People who are familiar with spatial sound and air-tapping will get through all the targets in under a minute, whereas new users may take almost ten.
  • Nobody waited for our demo, because the setup time and demo length was too long.

Here’s what we want to change for next time:

  • Make a quick video to get people interested.
  • Make sure people know how to use and wear the Hololens before coming in. This could possibly be done at the IPD desk.
  • Figure out a way to parallelize the setup time. This may be difficult, but we have some ideas.
  • Make the game time-based instead of points based. This will guarantee it takes the same amount of time for everyone. This might cause certain groups to only find one or two orbs, though.