Gamifying 3D Scanning

Week 2: Getting Started

14 Apr 2016

This week, we were involved in several foundational tasks. We attended the Hololens Academy session on Microsoft campus in Redmond, where we did the Sharing Holograms session. We also had some fruitful discussions with developers there about details that would not have been easy to find in the online documentation.

In addition to the Hololens Academy session, we also did the Spatial Mapping tutorial. Along with the sharing tutorial, these are the main technical components that applied to our project, so from here on we’re on our own! We set up our gitlab repository with a basic Unity project based on the tutorials, and will hash out the architecture within the coming week.

We will have a planning session on Friday where we determine communications protocols between the game and cloud server, then Alex and Edward will create the basic Unity components of our game, while Keunhong and Hamid make a basic backend. Our goal is to establish a common, consistent scaffolding that facilitates working separately on independent components. Expect technical details in next week’s post!

In addition to code setup, we also made an introductory video (see it on the homepage) and finished our Project Requirements Document. Both of these might undergo further refinement as the quarter progresses.